Friday, July 15, 2005

Installment I - The World According To Garc

E-mail - To: Garc


Let's run away and move to Fiji and live on the beach, carefree, for the rest of our lives.

Love - J

Response from Garc

tsunami risk fiji?
how about a nice condo in Butte, Montana with a picture of the beach on the wall?
i will get you a pillow with sand filling and flip flops and a tanning bed, so you can grow old on the "beach"
i suggest SPF 50 and converting to judaism just to be safe. then when the polar ice caps finish melting and the earth is flooded all of the refugees from florida will show up in what will then be waterfront property in Butte Montana and we will look like geniuses.

or, rather, i will look like a genius.

you will look like a 50 year old jewish lady with mad sun damage, a bad neck from the sand pillow and fallen arches from the flip flops.

i will still love you though

TraĆ­do a usted por el cabrito hermoso (For you wretched anglocentrists out there: Brought to you by Kid Handsome -btw "el cabrito hermoso" rocks.


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