Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Scaggsville's Very Favorite Celebrity

Everyone knows that Scaggsville's very favoritest celebrity/icon/movie and television god is the one and only Mr. T.* In fact, our theme song is "Treat yo Mama Right" by the one and only Mr. T - which teaches all of us to treat our mama's right, because Scaggsville pities the fool who don't.

Every city, municipality, principality, hamlet, town, vale, burg, megalopolis or metropolis needs a hero - an officially sanctioned hero. Having an appointed cultural icon is recommended. Mr. T (or T as we call him) stands for goodness and right. He stands up for what he believes in and he isn't scared to kick a little ass - a lot like Scaggsville. Look, Baltimore has John Waters, Laurel has K-Fed, but the fact is that Mr. T could kick the crap out of both of them at the same time (and also a bear). Anyway, I think it's pretty clear why Scaggsville embraces Mr. T as it's town celebrity. If you question that, well . . . keep talking.

Anyway, just thought you should know about our official favorite celebrity.

Kid H.

Just a little bonus:

Otter knows not to tell Mr. T what to do (all small furry creatures are the same to T - so long as they aren't invisible).

* Note the variety of characters he plays - he's Mr. T - he play whoever he wants.


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