Tuesday, December 20, 2005

New York's Transit Worker's Strike

It looks like Chowda was precient with this post about federal unions recently. Apparently they also don't belong in state governments. Here is a look at the blogosphere's reaction to these transit workers who seem to have a great deal (and are arguing for an 8 percent raise instead of a 4 percent raise). They already make more than the police, fire dept., and teachers.

Michelle Malkin has a round up; so does Instapundit, who points to the transit workers' blog, which is unofficial. Instapundit's Glenn Reynolds hilariously captured some of the comments on the blog.

In fairness, do read the transit worker's blog and decide for yourself whether they make a good point.

Kid H.


Blogger Chowda said...

It boggles my mind that any business-conscious individual would negotiate a contract that includes an 8% salary increase without specific performance criteria. Even a 3-4% standard raise without some rules of accountability is simply out of the question.

Furthermore, only a million dollar a day fine for the union when the entire city of New York is practically paralyzed?! This is not a simple breach of contract - this strike is illegal by New York State Law.

If a similar situation happened in the reverse, for example, a business illegally "locks out" a union, you know that business would be thrown to the wolves.

5:15 PM  

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