Friday, March 16, 2007

This is going to continue to happen

Man shoots intruders trying to break into his home pretending to be the police.

An eastern Kentucky man fatally shot one of two alleged intruders who claimed to be police officers, according to sheriff's officials.

The other suspect was arrested and charged with burglary and impersonating a police officer, a sheriff's report said.

Jason Daniels, 23, of Ashland, shot Robert Lewis Chapman, 50, of Greenup in the chest, shoulder and wrist Wednesday night, the Boyd County Sheriff's office said.

Adam C. Justice, 22, of Summitt, was lodged in the Boyd County jail.

Boyd County Sheriff Terry Keelin said a grand jury would decide if Daniels would be charged.

The intruders allegedly broke into a home where Daniels was staying after Daniels refused to answer the door. The men had pounded on the door claiming to be police officers with a search warrant, Keelin said.

The men then tied Daniels up in the bathroom and ransacked the house, the sheriff's report said. Meanwhile, Daniels freed himself and got a 9 mm pistol from a cabinet, the report said.

First, they better not charge this guy. The people who broke into his home were armed, and were clearly a threat to his safety and property. Plus, this is the sort of thing that happens when cops do things like send in the SWAT teams in a . . . get this . . . shoplifting investigation. By the way, you should really check out that link, it's embarassing how rambo-esque our cops are. In that case they terrorized a kid in a Jeep who was just waiting for his mom to come out of the grocery store.

Kid Handsome

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