Monday, May 21, 2007

NBC and Dragons Skin...

Rathergate... we all remember it. You think those dumb bastards at NBC would have learned their lesson. While this story isn't as big politically as Dan Rather feeding us his own reality, its a more dangerous abuse of integrity.

Dragons Skin is a new type of body armer being developed by a private US contractor. What makes it different is that it consists of a series of overlapping "scales" much like a Dragons Skin or medieval scale mail. In the past year the manufacturer of Dragons Skin have spread a lot of stories around about how much more effect it is over the body armor currently being used by US serviceman and has been in the news several times. These stories prompted a military ban on soldiers using privately purchased Dragon Skin and public outcry to arm our soldiers with the very best.

The truth is that the stuff doesn't work and it's too freaking heavy.

Enter NBC.

NBC for some reason thought they would let the American people weigh in on the decision making process and put the story on national TV. Of coarse they rigged the tests. Didn't tell you the whole story. NBC also lied outright.

Does NBC hate the American serviceman that much? Read the story at Defense Tech.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Dragon Skin armor is the Best protection that our servicemen and women, according to Jim McGee the original designer of the Interceptor - which is the current bodyarmor used by our troops.

In his own expert opinion if he had to visit Iraq or commanded the procurement order for the US Army he would select Dragon Skin as the preferred bodyarmor for the American troops.

Now if the designer of an outdated obsolete protection system has give his pledged endorsement ....what more could you want?

Get over for your disapproval of NBC news and started supporting the situation, not the cause of our troops.

I wish everyone serving a speedy and save return.

Vote 2008

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