Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Zero Tolerance

I guess I'm late on this one (hat tip: the Agitator). A girl gets arrested for bringing a steak knife to school - she was caught cutting food in the cafeteria. It was a FELONY.
An elementary student in Marion County was arrested Thursday after school officials found her cutting food during lunch with a knife that she brought from home, police said. The 10-year-old girl, a student at Sunrise Elementary School in Ocala, was charged possession of a weapon on school property, which is a felony. According to authorities, school employees spotted the girl cutting her food while she was eating lunch and took the steak knife from her.The girl told sheriff's deputies that she had brought the knife to school on more than one occasion in the past. Students told officials that the girl did not threaten anyone with the knife. The girl was arrested and transported to the Juvenile Assessment Center.
She's ten years old. Every adult involved in this case should be fired and branded with the words STUPID REACTIONARY BASTARD on their foreheads.


Blogger The Management said...

It really may be time to move to an isaland somewhere.. There are too many stupid people in America... As I've said before... Smart people, the US Constitution (maybe take a look at the commerce clause), first ten Amendments,and NO common law... We can do it...

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