Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Forget Slaughterhouse 5

Harrison Bergeron is Kurt Vonneguts best work. Take about five minutes and read it (it's a short story). I have always viewed it as a paen to individual liberty. It is one of those stories that really shaped my world-view.

Perhaps one of my problems with affirmative action, etc. and other means of judging people on any basis other than merit is that I have always viewed it - in some way - as a precursor to the world of Harrison Bergeron.

Since reading this story, I can honestly say that I've read plenty (though not all) of Vonnegut's work and none of it ever came close to striking me in the way that this story did/does. In fact, with respect to my opinion of his world view, Harrison Bergeron really stands in conflict with much of Vonnegut's other work. Anyways, take 10 minutes and read it.

Kid Handsome


Blogger The Management said...

Harrison Bergeron is an ass. Seriously he got what he deserved. WE have laws for a reason and he should have obeyed them.

The second thing I have to say is WOW, what a great world!

I hope it doesn't take 200 Amendments to get to that level.

People not being "really" equal is the biggest problem we have. Why should I be not as smart as KH or Bob? You guys need some mental handicappers. Why shouldn't I be as pretty as Kid Handsome? He should wear a mask. Why does everyone spell better than me. Defective keyboards for ALL!

I love that world and I'm glad the American left is pushing for today as we speak!


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