Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Why Don't We Just Ban Guns In Iraq?

Otter makes this genius point last night as we (ok, it was me) were perusing from one reality show to the next.

Seriously, the anti-gun movement in America needs to look no further than the insurgents in Iraq to demonstrate the ridiculousness of the current gun control movement (Note: Insurgents are also called freedom fighters by some early commenters on this blog - which is fine [if, in my opinion, wrong]). Doesn't this prove the adage, "When we outlaw guns, only outlaws will have guns"? Moreover, unlike here in the States, we actively have an army seeking out these outlaw gun wielders. So, if it can't be effective there, it is unlikely to be effective here.

See searching for guns doesn't do much good to stop crime or terrorism- our army has more success searching for people who are likely to wield guns (or bombs, etc.) for an evil purpose. Moreover, I'm better off if I'm attacked in an alley if I have a gun than I am if I just wait for the police.

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