Thursday, March 03, 2005

Is the Government Coming After Your 'Blog?

Read the linked article over at Professor Bainbridge about the threat that the McCain-Feingold Campaign Finance law poses to your free speech.

Congress shall make no law . . . - Professor Bainbridge gets it.

The campaign finance laws were stupid anyway. All they did was lead to the 527's that everyone was complaining about (and by everyone, I mean the Democrats who, despite outspending Republicans on 527's - at a ratio of over 20 to 1 - still seemed to lose the battle to the Swiftboat Vets). Anyway, Otter is going to disagree here, but John McCain has always been a reactionary and a big government Republican, and he just keeps getting worse and worse and worse. It's at the point where I can see his name on proposed legislation and tell it's going to be a bad bill (and keep your damn hands off Boxing - we don't need you to come in and screw it up even more).

Anyway, read the linked article and decide how you are going to alter your 'blog (if you have one) or how it will affect your favorite 'blog. Can we repeal the McCain - Feingold lunacy yet?

Hat tip: Instapundit

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