Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Most Whipped?

Apparently, at some school in Florida, one of the High School yearbook superlatives is "Most Whipped." The controversy is that the boyfriend is black and the girlfriend is white. I'm of the opinion that the baby boomers are up in arms due to their typically weird practice of self-congratulatory-self-flagellation (yeah it's strange, but they love it when they are able to publicly hate some aspect of themselves or the society that they [in their minds] created).

Anyway, read the comments to the posted link. They're pretty funny.

Kid H.


Anonymous Badger said...

The principal is actually wanting a recall of the yearbooks that have been passed out. He must be dreaming. Anyways, I like that the whippee has no problem with the picture. If he's not upset then why the hell is everyone else? For our yearbook we had a picture of biggest flirt and the girl was bent over in front of the guy like she was taking it from behind. Needless to say the uproar that this caused. I got news for ya folks, it's just a yearbook made by the students for the students. If they have no problem with the content that the parents, teachers, hell anyone over the age of 18 should back off. Let the kids have their fun, its harmless.

2:03 PM  

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