Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Strange Arrests

I have noticed something really weird over the last few years, and I decided to post because I heard it again on the radio today.

A man was arrested and charged with resisting arrest - nothing else. Does anyone know how this happens? I'm just wondering, because it seems that it would be pretty difficult for someone to get charged with this offense, but I see it happen all the time.

I sort of get the impression that I would resist the police if they came to arrest me for no reason.

What gives?

Kid Handsome


Blogger bob_vinyl said...

Interesting. You'd think they'd at least also be charged with whatever they were being arrested for in the first place.

1:12 AM  
Anonymous Badger said...

I believe it was our friends in the hardcore rap community who said it best.

11:40 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, I was arrested for resisting arrest without violence. I was 64, and suffered from the breast cancer. I was ready to go back to may native country, Russia, for the next treatment since I had no insurance here. That evening, two days before my flight, I was happily coming home after cutting the grass at my daughter's house and stopping to buy some grocery. Within 100 feet from my home I noticed two police cars stopping some hapless truck driver. I decided to find out if it was my city police and ask them to keep an eye on my house while I am gone. So, I politely address an officer, "Officer, may I ask you a question?". The officer asks if it is "related to the case". "Well, no..." start saying yours truly when the officer interrupts her and says, "Beat it". "I beg your pardon?" "Beat it, scram, get the Hell out of here", and he starts stomping his feet at me... I move about 30 feet away from him and demand to know his badge number. He promises to arrest me... I move farther but still want to know his badge! He runs toward me, grabs my arms (one wrist is recently broken, and it is also the site I was operated on a few month before!) and puts handcuffs on my wrists (it hurts!). When he drags me into his car he hisses, "I don't know where have you come from, but I sure want to send you back there.." And I, a retired teacher who graduated with honors from the American university, and earned an MBA degree, am dragged to jail by the Floridian redneck who could not spell the name of my country of birth (Kazakhstan) and had to ask me for help... The car that took us, criminals, to jail was driven by a nazi. He drove all the way, approximately 30 miles, aiming to have his wheels on the colored squares on the pavement or on some rough surfaces. When you are shackled it hurts very much! he was occasionally looking back at us with a leer. I had bruises on my wrists and my blood pressure was 250/110. The jail nurse said I was too "worked up". I spent a night in a jail with some crazy drug users who were hurling curses at the jailers to their apparent delight. I was unable to post bail because they took away my cell phone and wouldn't let me to call my daughter since she only had a cell phone! And they don't take VISA for the bond posting! I made it to my flight, but I was so distracted after two sleepless nights that I lost my purse with $7,500.00 and all my documents on my way to Russia. I have never given a cent to the police causes ever since. I am still afraid of them, and I passionately hate the police now. Before I truly believed they were the thin wall before us, the law abiding citizens, and the chaos. Now I believe they are the enemies of the people. I wish I could sue them, but my cancer treatments were far too more important to me...

12:33 AM  

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