Monday, June 27, 2005

Too much respect for the law

An interesting article over a Tech Central Station about how Americans may have too much respect for the law. As I have argued on this site, there are many occasions where I believe that Americans should flout the law. Laws are made by men, and there have been many times throughout history that we have seen laws that were wrong - even evil.

Moreover, as Otter wrote - or, rather, linked to (before he apparently quit posting), we are turning small, societally harmless crimes, into felonies - and tying in huge penalties. Often there is no real purpose to these laws, in my mind, other than to placate a small number of people and to promote the continued expansion of government.

Anyway, this issue is particularly relevant in light of recent Supreme Court cases that have relegated individual liberties to the trash heap - or at least put them right next to the trash heap.

Kid H.


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