Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Couple of things . . .

that demonstrate that Government is too big for anyone to care whether it minds it's own business:

Here is this post on the Agitator about the government screwing up foreign aid from England, and this one about them wasting time on steroids in sports, and finally this one about the FBI's new duties.

Here is an interesting post from Hit & Run that has a Kelo (eminent domain) type case involving the state taking away a bar for a private school. I just think it's interesting because, while the Supreme Court recently ruled that such a taking was (likely) perfectly legal in its Kelo decision, the language of the Constitution's eminent domain provision shows they are (in my opinion) clearly wrong - which I think is the case more often than not recently. More interesting is, as is pointed out in the post, whether people will care about a bar being stolen to fund a private school even remotely as much as they cared about a group of residents whose property was stolen to provide room for a large pharmaceutical company (as in Kelo v. New London).

Finally, there is this article, which I also found via Hit & Run, about the way we use curse words and the reasons that we use them..

I thought it was really interesting overall. I also think the FCC is a joke organization that our country doesn't need or want and is the most obvious example of the emergence of the U.S. nanny state. With that in mind, I especially liked the contrast of these two excerpts:

"Incensed by what it sees as a virtual pandemic of verbal vulgarity issuing from the diverse likes of Howard Stern, Bono of U2 and Robert Novak, the United States Senate is poised to consider a bill that would sharply increase the penalty for obscenity on the air."


"The investigators have found, among other things, that men generally curse more than women, unless said women are in a sorority, and that university provosts swear more than librarians or the staff members of the university day care center."

I'm pretty sure that's de facto evidence that this law, as applied, would have an undue and discriminatory impact on men (and, potentially, University Provosts). I mean if excessive swearing is a sex characteristic, and the FCC applies a strict code to suppress that characteristic, it follows that men will be fined at a much higher level. Where do I go to get this class action suit started?

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here's a link that doesn't require you to log in...

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Why can't the gov 'ment just stay outta my life?


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