Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Tipping on Carry-Out

Has anyone noticed a trend by carry-out joints sliding in a "tip" line when you pay by credit card? I'm not talking anything illegal here, just when you pay, you get a slip to sign, and on that receipt is just another line to add the tip.

I'd like to consider myself a relatively good tipper, considering I worked in the food industry back in the day, but I'm going back and forth about actually leaving a tip when all I'm doing is picking up food that I ordered over the phone.

Quick informal, non-binding poll for anyone willing to help. Do you leave a tip when picking up food from a carry-out restaurant? If so, how much?


Blogger Linda said...

I don't tip for carry-out, but I have also thought about this question. I think that everybody feels that they should get a tip these days. Just like when you go to the Dunkin Donuts drive-thru and there is a cup for tips there.

I have always tipped wait staff at a restaurant, because when I was a waitress, minimum wage for a wait person was not the same as for a person who worked in the kitchen. When I waited tables (over 15 years ago) the wage for a waitress was 2.11/hr and kitchen staff was 4.75 or more (can't remember, but it was the regular minimum wage).

Honestly, I hate tipping, but I know that it is a necessary thing. I wish that there was a handbook for this sort of stuff.

Anyway, that is my thoughts on this subject.

7:41 PM  
Anonymous The Hero of Canton said...

First off everyone should watch the first 12 minutes of Resiovior Dogs. Mr. Pink dosen't tip. Check it out.
But in all seriousness. It is important to tip well (18-20%) when in a restaruant. I look at tipping as an opportunity to spread a little happyness and put some good karma out there. The first thing a server does when they collect a check book from your table is look at the tip. A low tip imeadiatly has a negitive affect on their attitude. But a good tip makes them feel good and even puts a spring in their step. And for you it can improve your following visits because you become known for being a good tip. I find that when there is a "tip cup" present the tip is even more of a jesture then for monatary gain. I personaly tend to always through in a buck especialy at a local spot. For example the pizza joint I live above. Take out is another thing. I don't feel compeled to tip on carry out. Especially on a credit card reciept. If there is a tip cup present I may through in a buck. All in all I feel that tipping is important because it makes someone who is working a shit job feel a little bit better about themselves.

8:58 PM  
Blogger ZooooM said...

ResDogs: "You want a tip? Learn to fucking type" or something like that.

I have noticed this tip cup as well. There is a chain of chinese food here that started demanding that their servers take the jar/cup thing away. I guess management didn't like it. And I have to admit I now don't feel bad about not tipping since the jar is gone. Like you say, all I'm doing is going inside, paying and picking up my food.

I will tip in the not formerly considered tipping situation if I am pleased. Did I just type that? I sound like a total bitch.

What I mean is, if someone is super friendly, or fast with my order, or just gives me some great service, I'll throw a bit in the jar. I would hope it would improve following visits, but the turnover rate in those particular type of restaurants makes it nearly impossible for anyone to recognize me as a returning patron.

I like the canton's theory that the jar is more of a jesture.

At the coffee place I go to daily, they DO remember me and have my order ready right after I walk in the door. I make a point to throw extra in the jar because of that.

12:48 AM  
Anonymous The Hero of Canton said...

Sorry Zoom for the spelling errors. I'm not that bright.

3:07 PM  
Anonymous The Hero of Canton said...

I just got your quote. Told you I was not that bright.

3:08 PM  
Anonymous Badger said...

Can't say I tip the carry out guy. I see that service as more of a don't jam up the parking lot, taking spaces from customers that will eat inside the retaurant. We benefit from having someone carry the food to us and the restaurant increases its business. It's not tip worthy. Haircuts, luggage handler and wait staff, these are the holy trinity of tipping.

10:05 AM  
Blogger ZooooM said...

Canton, no one should ever apologize to me for errors of any kind. I am the QUEEN of errors. Spelling and otherwise. Gesture jestrue....whatever. We will all live. As long as we don't scare Otter with a Burger King, or so I gather.

8:31 PM  
Blogger Rev. Brandy said...

Bringing up the rear to the tipping conversation . . .

The "Reservoir Dogs" reference is so perfectly placed, I can't even say I noticed misspellings or misquotings or anything of the sort.

I tip at the coffee shop because I think those people do a good job of being not-annoyingly sunshiney first thing in the morning when they are preparing my complicated chai latte . . . and I suspect they get paid a pittance . . . so I always throw a buck in their tip cube.

I tip generously for delivery because that bozo is running out in the cold or the sweltering heat, depending, and bringing me the food I am far too lazy to grocery-shop for and prepare myself . . . and I am in the minority here; no one I know tips 15% for delivery. I just think that those bozos also make a pittance and need a little cheering.

But back to the subject . . . carry-out tipping. I always write $0.00 on the credit card slip and sign it; I have no qualms about doing so. Those people aren't doing anything more than running your card and potentially bagging your order, but the latter may actually have ocurred in the kitchen, actually, so what's the tip for? Passing you the bag? No way. No problem not tipping there.

And it goes without saying that since I had my humble stint as a waitress in both a diner and a psuedo-nice place, too, I tip generously in restaurants unless things are just atrocious. And by atrocious, I mean the waitress curses us out, brings our food with visible finger marks in it and makes no apologies when we notice the smears of our meal across her face, and she vanishes after delivering our food NEVER to return with the check. Otherwise, automatic 20%. Sometimes much bigger. Like, "Be sure to study Information Systems or Nursing in school . . . my parents were right, much as I hate to admit it" scrawled across the check.

10:30 AM  
Blogger Kim said...

Thanks for everyone's comments. I've been wondering about this for a while as I quite often order and pick up lunch for our group. I don't usually tip becuase I figure I drive there, carry everything out to my car and then carry it in and set it up...and I don't get a tip! LOL I'm a good tipper when my family eats in a restaurant, but was almost made to feel like I was cheating these people out of $$ recently when picking up an order!

5:52 PM  
Anonymous No Fo Pa said...

We are curious about this as well. Use common sense... Was extra effort put into it? We say tip, but less than the standard 15-20%. Vote on this here: http://nofopa.wordpress.com/2010/03/10/tipping-on-a-carry-out-order/

10:35 PM  

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