Thursday, March 16, 2006


So dear readers, your friend Otter here has left Scaggsville and is in Arizona. It's been an interesting trip thus far, with all the almost missed planes and what not. At this point in time I am sitting alone in a room listening to Techno (Fischerspooner and Dust Brothers) on a hand built triode amplifier through 2 laser cut and other wise hand made Ariel speakers. The sound is... well... awesome. I'm hearing things I've never heard before.

Me, I've been left to my own devices and have been drinking vodka and ice (what, it's a mixed drink) by the pint glass... James Bond style... I've been putting a pinch of pepper in, which is a trick he learned at his stay in the Russian embassy. If you don't remember that, no worries, it's not from a movie but rather the book Moonraker. In my world, James Bond can do no wrong.

Anyway, the trip has been interesting so far. The friend I was visiting wasn't actually even in the country when I departed Scaggsville. He was in Canada visiting a Canadan (not misspelled) female friend of his. I won't get into that, but basically his flight plans didn't pan out and I spent all of yesterday hanging out with with his roommate. I had a really good time. The guy and his friends are awesome. Went to a couple places and ended in a Bar called the Library (Hero of Canton, that's like the third one I've seen... I think we were a little slow in opening the bar we wanted)... Arizonian girls are pretty. Umm, really pretty... Actually change pretty to hot and that's a little closer. Actually change that to hot and sexy. Anyway, it could be a case of the grass is always greener mentality, or not but I didn't see too many girls I would kick out of bed. One of them even smiled at me. That was cool.

So anyway my friend ended up renting a car in Las Vegas and driving through the night to Phoenix. He's asleep now and my only company is you, my readers and a handle of Kettle One from the Freezer. I've been wishing for some Whiskey, but you know... lent and all...

Back to the story, after my friend got in we were grabbing a bite to eat and we started talking about manners and etiquette, my friend.. hell... lets just call him Geoffrey... Geoffrey who just like my roommate went to finishing school. Even so he doesn't always follow proper form and I called him on the “way it went in is the way it should come out” deal where he should spit out the olive pit on his fork instead of into his hand. I mentioned that I was from a rather blue collar existence and wasn't subjected to such guidelines and only picked a few of them up in passing. However, one of the few things I never did was put my elbows on the table. Mom wouldn't approve and I believe she always wanted me to look good in the eyes of others. Geoffrey said he noticed that, and resting ones elbows on the table was a very comfortable position. Long story short, I came to the revelation that maybe the reason I like eating (and drinking) at bars is because I can put my elbows on the bar. Good manners drove me to the local pub without even realizing it.

Probably not, but it made for a... well.. just a post.

Different topic... My connecting flight took me over Denver (to hell with Elway)... I always thought Mile High Stadium was in the mountains.. but really its in the flat part before the mountains. It could be a mile high, I don't know what the surrounding elevation is or whatever, but it looked to me to be a hell of a lot lower than the mountains it was a couple miles from. Also Denver is this little downtown (I think Balti-less is bigger) surrounded by this perfect grid of suburbia (BTW Hero of Canton was in the play Suburbia... it was cool... I liked the theater people.. they were fun. I wish I did more than hang out with them in the green room and actually worked on something...)

Anyway... the Rockies were cool from the sky... Check this out.. there was land, with no roads. Lakes that weren't surrounded with condos...dude.. there was room for a man to be a man.


ohh yeah, one more thing.. West coast light switches are made for little people.. they are like 3 feet off the floor... try finding the light switch in a strange froom in the dark.. I typed froom.

Ohh well, maybe I need a nap as well...

Have... well... another day,



Blogger Linda said...

Hope you are having fun. I am so jealous. I would love to go out there!!!

11:05 PM  
Anonymous The Hero of Canton said...

Nice post Otter. I'm bummed about the "Library" thing. We must start striking when the irons hot. It's good to hear one of the west cost girls smiled at you. Don't let it go to your head.

2:24 PM  
Blogger ZooooM said...

Arizona. Like going to pre-hell. Hot like the surface of the sun, but still has some great things/people to do.

10:39 AM  

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