Friday, June 09, 2006

What Freedom is NOT

Freedom is not the practice of passing laws that provide for jail time if you don't have appropriate window dressings. It's one thing for those annoying Covenant Communities to dictate what you can do with your property - hell, it's your choice if you move there (well, it's your idiotic choice).

It is entirely another thing for a community to pass an ordinance that provides for jail time if you, for example, hang a sheet in one of your window.

Violators will receive warnings and could face up to six months in jail and a
$1,000 fine. Residents who just moved in will be given some wiggle room and
landlords will be responsible for getting renters to comply, said Ron Petkovic,
the city's housing manager.
At least there's some good news associated with this idiocy:

Cleveland State University Law Professor Alan Weinstein said Euclid might have a
hard time making the law stick."It would be nice if we could legislate good
taste," Weinstein said. "But the problem is: Who decides what's good taste?"

Kid H.

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Blogger Linda said...

You would think that time could be better spent on making laws that actually do some good for somebody.

They would hate us. We have lived in our house for over 12 years and at least for the last 5 years he has used a flag to cover the window in his computer room. I might have to threaten him with jail time.

What a joke!!

8:30 AM  

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