Thursday, August 03, 2006

Feds hate Hemingway Cats

"The Ernest Hemingway estate, home to a menagerie of six-toed cats, is under fire for failing to fetter its felines. The USDA is threatening the home with a $200 per cat per day fine for violating the Animal Welfare Act, legislation aimed at "protecting" animals used in commerce."

Read the post, but also the comments. One of the comments (there are only about 11 currently) is one of the best blog comments I've seen - excluding Scaggsville of course.

Kid Handsome - pondering what he'd do with a sixth finger in each hand.


Blogger Linda said...

I actually sent this article to Otter over the weekend. Since the cats have always been there, why is it a problem now???

11:49 AM  

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