Friday, August 25, 2006

Friday Rant

President Bush spent some time with families who lost love ones in Iraq and the Pentagon attacks. Nothing can replace a loved one, but at least the President made some 1 on 1 time for some of these people - even though this Maine newspaper chose to focus most of the article on the actual duration of the visits. Most were appreciative but one jackass decided to pull a Cindy Sheehan-type rant for her alone time with the Pres.

She wasn't exactly rude, I want to highlight her response because it's exactly what many misinformed Americans are thinking. She said "it's time to stop the bleeding. It's time to swallow our pride and find a solution."

If we "stop the bleeding" what will be our solution? Negotiation? How do you negotiate with people who want Western values gone from the face of the Earth? Diplomacy? How do you create diplomacy with groups that don't tie to one single country.

The solution is to rid ourselves of Islamic fundamentalists before they rid us. Please people - read your history books. Peace has never been achieved without first winning the war.

If you need an analogy, check out this quote Boortz found somewhere:

One day a hunter saw a bear and was about to fire when the bear held up his paw and said, "After all, Mr. Hunter all you want is a fur coat, and all I want is a full stomach. Can't we use some diplomacy and sit down and negotiate this problem." So the hunter sat down to negotiate. The bear was right. The hunter got a fur coat and the bear got a full stomach.


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