Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Follow-up on the Baltimore Officer Acquitted of Rape

Apparently, two of the police officers on the lead prosecutor's security detail were removed after giving the acquitted officer - who still faces other unrelated rape charges - a high five at his trial.

This definitely reinforces some of my concerns about how adequately the police investigate their own. I understand comraderie, but this seems increasingly like honor among thieves.


The gag order pertains to Baltimore Circuit Court rape cases against officers Jemini Jones, Steven Hatley and Brian Shaffer.

On Tuesday, Jones was acquitted of charges in one case, which was handled by the city state's attorney's office. After the not-guilty verdicts were announced and the jury was dismissed, a reporter watched one of Jessamy's security officers give Jones a high-five and slap him on the back.

Jones also is charged in a second, unrelated rape case and in an unrelated gun case. He is scheduled to appear in court in April. Trial dates for Shaffer and Hatley -- accused of helping Jones arrange a sexual encounter -- are to be set Feb. 2.

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