Thursday, March 22, 2007

Your Government and Police and Pseudo Police Just want what's best for you

and what's best for you is for you to give them your money. All of it, whenever they want it, whether they deserve it or whether it's illegal doesn't matter.

Check this out - DISGUSTING

Florida: City to Seize Homes Over a $5 Parking Ticket
Brooksville, Florida proposes to foreclose homes and seize cars over less than $20 in parking tickets.

Brooksville, FloridaThe city council in Brooksville, Florida voted this week to advance a proposal granting city officials the authority to place liens and foreclose on the homes of motorists accused of failing to pay a single $5 parking ticket. Non-homeowners face having their vehicles seized if accused of not paying three parking offenses.

According to the proposed ordinance, a vehicle owner must pay a parking fine within 72 hours if a meter maid claims his automobile was improperly parked, incurring tickets worth between $5 and $250. Failure to pay this amount results in the assessment of a fifty-percent "late fee." After seven days, the city will place a lien on the car owner's home for the amount of the ticket plus late fees, attorney fees and an extra $15 fine. The fees quickly turn a $5 ticket into a debt worth several hundred dollars, growing at a one-percent per month interest rate. The ordinance does not require the city to provide notice to the homeowner at any point so that after ninety days elapse, the city will foreclose. If the motorist does not own a home, it will seize his vehicle after the failure to pay three parking tickets.

Any motorist who believes a parking ticket may have been improperly issued must first pay a $250 "appeal fee" within seven days to have the case heard by a contract employee of the city. This employee will determine whether the city should keep the appeal fee, plus the cost of the ticket and late fees, or find the motorist not guilty. Council members postponed a decision on whether to reduce this appeal fee until final adoption of the measure which is expected in the first week of April.

The full text of the ordinance is available in a 605k PDF file at the source link below.
This is a product of a system of government that uses law enforcement as a source of income. As a nation we really need to address this form of government abuse. If it's really about enforcing necessary laws, then budget to enforce them and stop inventing ways for local governments and police forces to gather more revenue.

Again, in the immortal words of Jane's Addiction . . . "You know the gang and the government they're no different . . . the gang and the government they're no di-fer-ent . . . It makes me 1%, it makes me . . . ONLY ONE PERCENT."***

Kid Handsome

Link via the Agitator (of course)

*** the lyrics at the site don't quite match mine, but I think I'm right - here's another version.


Blogger The Management said...

In other words you are referencing St. Aquinas (sp?) in his "Pirate and the Emperor" treatise. In which he eliminated the distinctions between Pirates and the Government.

This article pissed me off... Take your house for a parking ticket... Private citizens in this state can't even enforce their ground rent rights any more and yet if the Gov-ment wants it, it's there's.


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