Monday, April 02, 2007

We don't seem to be much different (see below post)

I always ask, who decided that the Government owned the airwaves? If you don't like what's on television, don't watch it. It's really not that hard to do. People do it every day when they tune into one show instead of another show, or get some cable channels but not others. The airwaves are just a frequency - a property that can be owned by an individual corporation. If there is interference with the frequency, a private owner can petition the courts for redress. It's really that easy. Now we get this:
An upcoming FCC report recommending steps that Congress can take to regulate television violence has sharply divided the agency’s five members.

Multiple sources said Republican Chairman Kevin Martin and Democratic Commissioner Michael Copps, who are spearheading the crackdown on graphic scenes, had approved the latest version of the report.

But GOP Commissioner Robert McDowell and Democratic Commissioner Jonathan Adelstein are apprehensive about intervening in this area, and it is unclear whether they are onboard, sources said.

Republican Commissioner Deborah Taylor Tate is expected to approve the findings, although her office did not return telephone calls seeking comment.

Further complicating matters, minority groups recently complained about language in the report endorsing per channel cable pricing, known as a la carte.

The discord may explain why the document, requested by 39 House lawmakers in 2004 and the subject of speculation for weeks, is not ready — although some observers expect it soon.

The report concludes that Congress can regulate violent TV images without compromising the First Amendment. It has created some unusual alliances — teaming Martin and Copps, who are often at odds, while dividing Copps and Adelstein, who normally move in lockstep.
How is it that the government can do this without interfering with First Amendment rights? Oh yeah, it's the government, it can do whatever it wants. I want more violence on television, who are you to command by government mandate that I can't have it?

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