Friday, January 11, 2008

Boortz makes a good case for getting rid of the DOE

Not that I have been agreeing with Boortz's move towards populism lately (that's my characterization of it - though others are free to disagree). However, he makes another really good point about Federally funded education. I'm all for getting rid of the Department of Education we keep throwing more and more money into a system that is rigid and inflexible, expensive, ineffective and that benefits teacher's unions and education lobbyists more than it benefits "THE CHILDREN."

Russia's Ministry of Education has created a series of updated, pro-Putin textbooks for all of its little government subjects ... I mean students. Here are a few lessons from the new Russian history textbook:

1. The abolition of directly elected regional governors was a good thing because Russians cannot govern themselves.

2. The re-privatization of Yukos means Russia no longer has oligarchs.

3. Georgia gave up its independence in 2004 with its presidential elections and is now illegitimate.

4. Stalin was an "effective manager," taking Russia from the plow to the atomic bomb in just a few years. His repressions were necessary to mobilize for war and industrialize Russia so quickly. Same goes for Brezhnev. Krushchev, Yeltsin and Gorbachev on the other hand were bad because they were weak.

Doesn't that make you feel better about government education in our country? It shouldn't. It should scare you. It's the same concept, folks.

If you don't believe that this same type of skewing of history isn't occurring in our public school system right now, albeit arguably less blatant, you are naive at best.

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