Monday, February 07, 2005

Another Quick Read Regarding the Ward Churchill Scandal

I'm getting pretty sick of hearing about this guy. Pretty clearly, he should never have been hired. However, he was hired, and he is protected by academic freedom. Hence, his job should be protected even though he should be ridiculed by his students mercilessly. Heck, if local businesses want to exclude him from their establishments that's fine with me (if they're private). What's he going to do? Claim he's being discriminated against because he's a Native American?

Anyway, the issue here is that some conservatives are all for academic freedom and free speech, so long as it's not really, really offensive speech. They're now saying they can fire him because his writings show he's incompetent (nice end run around the basic tenets of academic freedoms and the first amendment - the spirit of the first amendment anyway). This is just dumb. The best response to this kind of idiot is to call him out as an idiot. Also, would the Governor of Colorado please shut up? It's all the sudden like he owns FOX news.

UPDATE: 2/8/05 - The Governor was on Fox News again last night - this time on O'Riley - I hope Colorado is OK, since I know he hasn't done anything in about three weeks.

Kid Handsome (Hat tip - Neal Boortz (for initial link))


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