Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Originally used to track stolen cars!

Is it time for the revolution yet???

This article made me sick. First of all, we got some serious big brother action here. Second of all this was YET ANOTHER case of "Hey, this is for your protection!" turned into "Sorry dumb ass."

Since everything we do (or even think now) is a crime, this is just one more means of governmental coersion.

I actually felt sick after reading this. Good by freedom, it was one hell of a hoot while it lasted.


More...(both from Boing Boing)
According to Forbes, Arlington county in Virginia "has found a new task for its surveillance camera: Starting in March it plans to use the BootFinder to nab people who are on the county's rolls for just about anything, from late park and recreation fees to overdue library books.

According to thenewspaper.com ("A Journal of the Politics of Driving) "If the car's owner is listed as delinquent, the car can be towed -- and if the owner doesn't pay within 10 days the car is auctioned."


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