Friday, April 01, 2005

More on Traffic Cameras

I'm a pretty regular reader of The Agitator, and he does a pretty thorough job of explaining my problems with traffic cameras red-light and speeding cameras. He has a great summary here of the problems that are created by this government scam to generate revenues. Clearly, this issue is not about safety - not that I want the government to ensure my safety in the first place (except for from foreign governments).

He also provides this post, showing how the cameras don't really make us any safer in the first place. These things are just revenue generators. Read both posts and let me know who I have to smack around to keep these things off my streets.

For what it's worth, the biggest problem with the Government revenue generation in the realm of traffic is really the insurance companies whose rates are tied to what I term Driver Style Considerations as opposed to actual accidents. You might be a better driver at 85 mph than I am at 55 mph - why should you be penalized for that?

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