Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Logic from San Fran?!?

Hard to believe, but true... Seems I shouldn't have completely given up hope for the Left Coast.

A really good read about a journalist who took a deeper look at himself and the world around him. Everyone needs to take the time and really look at what you believe and why.

- Otter


Blogger bob_vinyl said...

That's a good article. While I disagree with some of the details, I sympathize largely with him. I identify myself as a liberal, but often find that I need to qulaify that with "I'm not a Democrat." Much of the American left seems to have little interest in truly progressive ideas and instead falls hook, line and sinker for everything the poverty-profiteers of the Democratic party feed them. I too am particularly appalled by the wishes that the recent Iraqi elections will go awry. I opposed the war and I still do, but I would still prefer to see good come out of it. I certainly wouldn't wish more chaos and oppression on the Iraqi people in order to poke fun at my political enemies. No real liberal would ever want that.

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