Friday, June 10, 2005

Interesting Post & Comments on Hit & Run about Punk Music

As always read the comments. This would probably better fit Bob's Blog, and there is probably some similar discussion (or probably was at some point), so if this post interests you check out his site.

My personal view on this topic is that I am a pretty big fan of bands like The Clash and similar bands of that period, as well as some later hybrids like My Drug Hell (who, while not classically punk, seem to be composed of elements that I really dig). However, I hate so-called modern* punk which includes everything by Green Day (I can't lawfully express how much I hate this band) and every piece of crap band they spawned like Good Charlotte, My Chemical Romance, and Blink 70038, et. al. -------------> Seriously, even if they somehow managed to put out something that didn't grate on my very soul, I would figure out a way to despise them - now that's Punk.

Kid H.


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