Thursday, June 09, 2005

More Stupid Government Naming Conventions

I was just reading through this otherwise bland article on the FBI's IT problems and I couldn't help laughing at what they name some of their programs.

Here's an excerpt:

"As the FBI develops each phase of Sentinel, it will replace corresponding legacy systems, the most significant being its Automated Case Management System. Other applications to be retired include the Criminal Informant Management System, Bank Robbery Statistical Application, and Financial Institution Fraud and Integrated Statistical Reporting Analysis Application. One predicted benefit of Sentinel is its support for XML standards, which can ease information sharing within the FBI and with other agencies."

It always humors me. They name their departments these frightening and big-brotheresque names and wonder why some people think they have too much power (none of those people are on the Supreme Court). I swear, they just get their names straight from X-Men - shouldn't Marvel Comics get some sort of license fee?

Kid H.


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