Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Sorry for the slow posting…

No real excuse for me not writing.

HOWEVER, this is mighty important. Seriously, if you haven’t seen Serenity, DO IT NOW. Take off work, lock the kids in the closet with a NyQuil bottle, leave the husband or the wife or even your fruity life partner and get your asses to a theatre.

If you have seen it, shiny. See it again. You know you will anyway.

Serenity is a smart, funny, action packed movie and if your sorry asses don’t see it then there will be NO MORE.

I shit you not, when you do see it, and you will see it, you will be mucho pissed off at yourself for contributing to the death of the FireFly universe. Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE I made sit down with the DVD’s LOVED THEM. EVERYONE and I mean EVERYONE who has seen the movie LOVED IT.

“But Otter, I don’t like things like this. I’m a big fat retard who needs Tom Cruise in a movie before I will see it.”

If that’s you, SUCK IT UP and take one for the team. The movie is full of beautiful people and explosion eye candy. More than enough for you dumpling brains out there.

Really though. The movie kicks ass an you will do yourself a favor by seeing it.



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