Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Democrats and Commies...

I know Democrats are really Communists deep down (or not so deep down), but this is just plain wrong.

It seems that some under the table deals with Venezuela is going one to provide Massachusetts with dirt cheap oil. Helping the poor. That's good right? Yep. So what's wrong?

What's the problem? Hugo is a thuggish commie. Kills people, locks em up, takes away basic human rights... i.e A friend of Democrats.

People will look at this and go, "Gee, these commies are good people." "Bush is an evil ass." "Oil companies that rely on the market are greedy"... How can Hugo make this happen, only 'cause Hugo is a little dictator and controls his country completly. Sure he can loose a tiny bit of profit to make this huge statement.

This is exactly how in-roads to communism where made during the cold war. Sell your soul (individuality, freedom, privacy) for a trinkets (weapons, oil, cash).

The thing that really pisses me off, is that the Democrats are doing this simply to score political points. They don't care about the oppression in Venezuela. They don't care about how speading illogical ideologies will hurt the country. They just care about sticking one to Bush.

Way to go, you liberal fuck-wads.



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