Thursday, November 17, 2005

I'm Obligated to put up this Post about how Cool Mr. T is . . .

but of course you already knew how cool he is*. Anyway, he is going to be the new voice of some GPS guidance system for cars. "Turn left, Foo"

I hope they add a feature for dealing with those weird freaks whose road rage is so bad that they will actually get out of the car and fight wit a complete stranger. Imagine that happening to you and when Mr. Roid/Road Rage comes after you, you can just press a button and Mr. T's dulcet tones will be broadcast outside of your car saying, "Boy, you don't know who in this car, Foo! I pity the fool who mess with this car."

Obviously I can't do it justice, but there is one word that can, it's spelled A-W-E-S-O-M-E

Kid Handsome

*Mr. T is one of Scaggsville's official heros. When the reckoning comes, whose side do you want to be on?


Blogger ZooooM said...

I adore this idea. Simply ADORE!

11:59 PM  

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