Monday, November 28, 2005

Umm. . . I'm going to need to see your papers

"Gail Johnson, a volunteer ACLU lawyer who practices at a prominent Colorado criminal defense firm, will defend Davis without charge. She expects the government to arraign Davis on two federal criminal misdemeanors, if not more.

The first states that citizens must "when requested, display Government or other identifying credentials to Federal police officers or other authorized individuals." The second says that citizens must comply with "the lawful direction of Federal police officers and other authorized individuals."

KH (Sorry, I was interrupted by work mid post)

Hat Tip via Hit & Run

Update 1-
Here is the site I was telling you about this weekend. Has a lot more info...

Update 2 - Here is another story that will get on your last nerve.

El Cabrito Hermoso


Blogger ZooooM said...

Border patrol gave me and the man the up down on the way back from Arizona this weekend. We were asked all kinds of questions and then they visibly searched the cab of the truck by peering in while giving us the raised eyebrow.

I don't know how to discuss politics at all. So any of my blathering can be written off as "talking out of my ass"...

but here's my question. Where do we draw the line? What is the point of violation of our rights? I guess it's the probable cause thing. There needs to be probable cause before we have to start dropping our theoretical pants for the fuzz.

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