Tuesday, December 13, 2005

More "Justice" - Courtesy of our Outstanding Legal System

Police save society from a sick old man - Seriously what is wrong with our criminal justice system? It just gets worse and worse. We can't enforce the laws we have, but we have no fear of passing hundreds of new ones every year. Here's an excerpt:

"On July 29, my elderly husband went to the beach. He walked a while and then lay down on the sand. Suddenly, he found himself being arrested. It turned out a woman had seen him stumble and, out of concern that he might be intoxicated, called the police. Two police officers spoke to him and mistook his foreign accent for slurred speech and his inability to rise quickly for drunkenness.Without giving any sobriety test, they handcuffed him and put him in a cold jail cell wearing nothing but a wet swimming suit. They refused to let him call home.

Then they called our number but hung up without leaving a message. If I did not have Caller ID, I would not have been able to call and find out where he was. He could have been locked up all night, without access to his heart medicine, which might have been fatal."

Read the whole thing (it's short).

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