Monday, December 12, 2005

Some things I’ve wanted to post about…

First of all, sorry for the slow posting, and commenting, and all that other blog stuff. I just can’t seem to find the time lately.

Next, Zoom’s comment the other day really deserves some attention and thanks. Basically she left a comment saying, “I’m still here guys, even if I don’t post political oriented comments.” Speaking for every posting on Scaggsville (Me, Kid Handsome, Chowda and the Cheese Steak guy…yes we are 4 different people), we really appreciate everyone who reads the crap we write (you know who you are, even if we don't).

Everyone who has a blog out there knows how good it feels to have someone leave a comment on one of your posts. After all, we cared enough about something to write about it; just knowing someone is out there reading it makes all the difference. It’s the only reason I write. Thank you.

Another thing is we know not everyone is political, even more so, not everyone has the same opinions as us. Hell, even though we have similar opinions KH and I argue about a lot of topics.

However, I believe that debate is not about butting heads or making enemies but rather a learning opportunity. In the best possible situations people should be able to drop all the “Bush is Hitler” or similar crap, and get down to discussing real policies and ideas.

I know we are not completely innocent of throwing around gross generalities, but we really don’t strive to piss people off (well I do, but I want my own Fatwa issued against me). Rather we just want to get people talking about things. I post stories that I think that people need to hear about. We’ve been lucky for the most part, in that we have found several people (Chuck and the Reverend) to debate with whom we don’t see eye to eye with, but still remain civil. I really appreciate that, and think it’s the only way to act.

Stickwick Stapers, (if you come back) I am so sorry I assumed you were a male. Maybe it’s an East Coast thing, but I seldom find those without a Y chromosome discussing guns and (small l) libertarian ideals. The fairer sex I’m accustomed to just isn’t that interesting. BTW, you are now on our Blog Roll, I really enjoy your site.

Lastly, we try not to always be so serious, because I for one am not all that serious. Dear readers I hope you enjoy some of the non-political posts we write about here or there or even there OR I hope you don’t mind reading some of the political posts we write about in between the other thoughts being spewed about in Scaggsville.

Merry Christmas, or if you must, Happy Holidays.



Blogger Kid Handsome said...

Nice post - oh yeah, Bush is Hitler (had to be done).

10:00 AM  
Blogger Stickwick Stapers said...

Hey, no problem about the he/she thing. A) I'm used to it; and 2) I generally take it as a compliment -- as long as people aren't confused about my gender after meeting me in person, that is. ;-)

1:13 AM  
Blogger Stickwick Stapers said...

Oh, and thanks for the blogroll addition. I've added you to Carnaby's. (Just to add to the gender confusion, the person currently posting cookie recipes at Carnaby is my brother.)

1:16 AM  

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