Friday, December 23, 2005

Transit System Held Hostage

So after three days of useless protest, the NY Transit Union strike is over, and the workers are back on the job without a contract. What EXACTLY was accomplished here? I'll tell you what I learned - that we cannot allow our governments who run our infrastructure to be unionized. What these unions did, in a period of three days, could be equated to terrorist act on the United States executed by Americans.

That's right. Americans, who were "fighting for the rights of the working people" held our transit system and other working people hostage for three days. Granted, the Union used non-violent methods to take the City hostage, but what's to say that a terrorist group couldn't gain influence in a union and do this for a longer duration. Seems to me this just openned up a whole new way to economically terrorize the United States.


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