Friday, January 20, 2006

Ecoterrorists Need New Branding

A little eco-irony: First and foremost, if you really are looking out for the environment...saving the planet, and all that - just maybe you shouldn't choose combustion as your chief means of destruction. Burning down buildings (including a nursery that grew plants) doesn't really make a point of saving the Earth in my mind, especially when you take into account all the crap that isn't exactly "Earth friendly" when burned, like rubber coating on wires, insulation, and plastics that are in modern construction.

Second, if you are going to be a badass terrorist, you really need to hire someone to take a look at that name ELF (Earth Liberation Front). It doesn't really strike fear in me to stop polluting the world. It just makes me think of short little lawn gnomes.


Blogger The Management said...

I don't know man.. what about Nazi Elves.


4:10 PM  

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