Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Police Would Never Abuse Their Authority

The above link discusses a DUI defense attorney in New Mexico who was arrested for driving with a blood alcohol level of .02. (Note, I've linked posts before discussing how inaccurate breath tests can be).

Here's one about giving someone a DUI for riding a $150.00 toy that doesn't exceed 20 mph (golf carts and horses have also been included in DUI laws). Hint: it's about the revenue, it's not about safety.

And here's one about how MADD is changing it's mission statement. It essentially achieved its initial goals, but now it is big business, so it has to push for prohibition (again) in order that its officials can keep their jobs.

Kid H


Blogger The Management said...

Lets not forget the State's Attorneys (Doug) who think convicting people is a game (look at my high score!). "I have the lowest BAC DWI conviction in the state!".


2:51 PM  

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