Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Ok to Kill yourself in Oregon - the Supreme Court Says So

The Supreme Court has upheld an Oregon law allowing for assisted suicide. Interestingly, the supposedly "Federalist" justices (Scalia, Thomas, Roberts) dissented in this case and supported the Federal government instead of the State. It appears, the drug issue was big for them, except for Thomas whose dissent was pretty cool* - I bet they wouldn't have cared if the Oregon law called for death by a hammer instead of a peaceful exit with opiates.

It's decisions like this that demonstrate that Scalia is intellectually dishonest and is the worst of the justices, because he lies about the bases for his decisions. Essentially, he's Bill O'Reilly - his rulings are pretty much based on whether he likes the law or not, which is fine for a Congressman, not for a Supreme Court Justice. Jeez, at least the liberal justices are consistent.

Kid H.


The comment below was stolen from Mike, in the Hit & Run comment section, which I read after my initial post. I completely agree that Thomas (a Reagan Appointee) is the only worthy Justice on the court - he actually understands the concepts of liberty and natural rights.

*While I agree with the decision, I love Thomas's dissent. He exposes a clear hypocrisy in the Supreme Court, where they decided in the Raich case that marijuana grown and consumed in California was interstate commerce and therefore the controlled substances act applied, but in this case it does not apply. He is without a doubt the only justice on SCOTUS worth keeping his job.


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