Monday, March 27, 2006

It ain’t no Firefly…

…but I really am digging this new Doctor Who series from the BBC. Now I never really watched Doctor Who. It always came on too late for a sane person to be watching PBS. The few times I did see it, I was so sick I couldn’t sleep or too drunk I couldn’t sleep. So basically the otherwise already screwy show was even more incomprehensible once reinforced with fever or the spins. Something was just not right about it.

So anyways, I’m stuck in front of a TV last Sunday and catch the first two episodes of Doctor Who 2005 on the Scifi channel, and I liked them. The show is campy and bazaar and yet completely something I can get into. The new doctor is kind of a badass yet silly. The actor playing the Doctor has a lot going on in his performances (I’m a little pissed he didn’t stay for the next season which starts in April on the BBC).

The main female lead isn’t really attractive, and there are some other issues (below)… but the story telling is pretty good. There are genuinely scary parts, there are a lot of silly parts, and there is some real points of tension…

There are a few problems with the show… but not many… there are a lot of references to how the British are all great and wonderful. There are a couple of references to how the British won WWII without even a mention to… well you know… the guys who ACTUALLY won WWII. There is a crack about how the British prime minister isn’t going to let the American President start a war with some aliens (then 20 minutes later she kills off a whole bunch of aliens that leave on there own volition). The show talks a lot about the UN and how the Euros defer a lot of power to it… Hell there is even a crack about how great the British welfare state is… As if they could afford that if they didn’t have to US backing them up.

Anyway… Check out the show… Its on the SciFi channel, or if you are a criminal, you can find them on the internet… but I’m only guessing about that.



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