Friday, June 30, 2006

The American Way

There is some talk out there about the new Superman movie. Seen the trailers. Heard the interviews. Standard movie crap. In the Blogsphere however, there is a lot of chatter about "Truth and Justice" without the "American Way". (link above is to LGF)

It seems Hollywood doesn't believe in the idea of "the American Way" anymore. For that matter a lot of other people don't was well. People point at current events and minor hypocrisy. People believe that failing to live up to an ideal is enough to throw the ideal away. Somehow the simple concepts of justice, equality, self reliance, pride and faith are all bad ideas. Traits that are out-dated. The American Way is a bad idea, and out-dated way to think.

Well, screw you. I still believe. More over I believe I'm going to make my little statement that I do believe in the American Way by not giving these dicks one penny of my money. Not one fucking AMERICAN cent. No movie and no supporting the corporate tie-ins whatever they may be. No Superman Burger, no Superman sized softdrinks. I'm not paying for that you bastards.

Fuck you Superman. Fuck you Warner Brothers. Fuck you Bryan Singer and Fuck you Brandon Routh.

For those of you who don't believe in America. Well, I only wish Superman was real in your happy little world. I wish he was real AND raised in North Korea. Raised in Iran, Saudi Arabia, or Indonesia. Raised in the Ivory Coast or Rwanda. See how much you'd like to live under the man of steel then. Superman was a HERO BECAUSE he was RAISED A GOOD AMERICAN. His values were that of an AMERICAN. I'd like to see Superman doing the work of Allah. That be pretty.

seriously... Fuck you...

Batman wouldn't have turned his back on America.



Anonymous Badger said...

Superman is a work of fiction, I don't blame the character. I blame a very liberal Hollywood that has a warped sense of reality. It actually surprised me when I first heard they eliminated the last part of the infamous Superman tag line and here's why. A few years back they did a Superman comic where he runs into a new group of heroes that believe the ends justify the means. They got the world and especially America to believe Superman and his ideals are an out dated concept. The final chapter in the story was called "Whats so funny about truth, justice and the American Way anyway." In it Superman takes on the newer heroes on national TV, shows everyone that he could easily bow down to their level and be just as vicious. At the very last minute of the fight he then reveals he merely subdued the other heroes, not killing them like everyone thought. He shows that his ideals can work in the 21st century, that they are not relics of a time gone by. Maybe someone in DC Comics should show the execs at Warner Bros., DC's parent company by the way, this story and include the American Way for the future DVD release. Blame the writers of the script, blame the director, blame that flaming bowl of crap called Hollywood. But I won't turn my back on the man with the "S".

2:09 PM  
Anonymous Badger said...

Just to follow up, the story can be found in "Superman: The Greatest Stories Ever Told" Vol. 2

2:20 PM  
Blogger Chowda said...

Start Rant here...Amazing. Absolutely amazing. Only the liberal Hollywood can get away with this crap. The American Way is not an ideal...it's a way of life...it's what created this country...it's what sets us apart from dictorship regimes with torture cells and other "less humanitarian stuff" that the libs should be really fighting about.

The American Way is all about freedom. It's about how a woman can run for president and not be considered second-class citizens or being confined to rape rooms. It's about the fighting for what's right, not pretending that we haven't been at war with religous zealuts that hate Americans - both conservative AND liberal. The most ironic to me is that the American Way is precisely why Hollywood has the ability to say what they want, print what they want, and make us pay for what they want...but yet they look at it as a stigma because they think American is no longer the "superhero" of the world. Well piss off Hollywood. Many Americans died so you could present falsehoods about history. Maybe you should write a documentary about that. End rant here.

1:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

AMEN! AMEN! Not a penny. That is what we need to start doing, hit these fuckers where it counts, the pocket books.

Add the Pirates movie to your list as well, Johnny Depp is right up there with them.


3:34 PM  

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