Thursday, June 22, 2006

MySpace, Mark II


Hopefully it will pass, but I just spent about 6 hours of the last 24 hours on MySpace. It's kind of addicting... Creat your profile, customize your profile, find people you know, look at pretty women, look at pretty women who the pretty women know, change your profile, reply to a friend, women, etc...

Kind of cool. Just wandering around I found Rick Tar's page. Rick freaking Tar. For those who don't know Rick's just a guy I went to school with. Cool though.



Blogger ZooooM said...

I've found almost everyone I ever used to hang out with on myspace. I love watching their profiles. Plus, they link to the other people I knew (some are current pals who have no idea I've found their profile) making the searching easy. I've found people I knew 15 years ago on there.

The best is co-workers who have NO IDEA I've seen their myspace page.

It's just like blogs (I think), with a ton more identifying features. I'd be willing to bet a lot more people we all know have blogs, and just don't tell us.

11:17 AM  

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