Thursday, June 15, 2006

Kudos to President Bush

My good friend David Roberts over at Gristmill gives some credit to President Bush, a man that he truly hates (it's an extremely liberal site, but it's environment-centric).
President Bush plans to designate an island chain spanning nearly 1,400 miles of the Pacific northwest of Hawaii as a national monument today, creating the largest protected marine reserve in the world, according to sources familiar with the plan.
Anyway, one of the few chinks in my libertarian armor is that I do think the Government has a limited interest in protecting the environment. So, I like that this area is being set aside.

Kid H.

*On another note, I read these sites and I see people talk about offsetting their carbon footprints. Generally, this is done with "wind credits." I don't have time to explain how idiotic this practice is (it certainly has some minimal effect, and is undoubtedly noble). I just don't think there's enough wind energy out there, that's actually useable, to actually offset your plane flights. Change your behavior and only fly on "green" planes or ride your bike if you actually want to do something. The whole "wind credit" phenomenon is akin to wearing a hairshirt so that you can go cheat on your spouse. It may make you feel better about doing something you believe is wrong, but that's about it.

Yes, please envirobots, blind me with your science that demonstrates how wrong I am about this practice.


Blogger ZooooM said...

Good lord the things I learn on this site! Lasers and hairshirts.

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