Wednesday, July 12, 2006

"Bourbon and Burn" Made the DHS List

More on the bitching and moaning from states who feel they didn't get their fair share of the Homeland Security magic chest of loot. The Associated Press reports that Homeland's Terror Target database thinks that an ant farm...correction...an "insect zoo" may very well be the next target for terrorist activity. Also featured in this database is a "bean fest." Well I guess a terrorist could wait until the opportune moment to light a match...

And finally, don't want to alarm any loyal "Bourbon and Burn" fans out in Scaggsville, but DHS thinks you may be a target for terrorists as well. Check out this excerpt from the article:

"Instead, the department's database of vulnerable critical infrastructure and key resources included an insect zoo, a bourbon festival, a bean fest and a kangaroo conservation center. They represent examples of key assets identified in Florida, Illinois, Indiana, and Maryland."

Yikes. We always knew the black helicopters and unmarked vans were always on the lookout for Otter, but this is a tad too close for comfort ;)


Blogger The Management said...


Well, if The Government thinks we are a possible target for a terrorist attack, I think we'll just have to be on guard a little more.

Note to any terrorists, drunks who have access to firearms is not a good combination. Anyone yelling "Allah Ackbar" is likely going to get shot.


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