Friday, July 07, 2006

Man Threatened With Jail for Telling Truth

Judges and prosecutors have too much power - and what's that ol' expression about power corrupting?

Militzer carefully avoided a bold "I'm sorry" by saying he regretted that the court took offense at the words "bullshit money grab" on the memo portion of the $10 check and agreed to write a fresh check.

In exchange, Berkley District Judge William Sauer said Wednesday he would dismiss the order asking Militzer to explain why he shouldn't be held in contempt of court.

A case that was shaping up to be a boilerplate test of freedom of speech rights ended when Militzer of Allen Park stiffly walked to the cashier's window at the courthouse in his dark blue suitcoat and tie, accompanied by his American Civil Liberties Union attorney.

"I was ticked at the circumstances around getting the ticket. If that was perceived as a direct affront to them, that was never my initial intent," he later said, contritely. Militzer added that he didn't want to be subject to court costs and fines and maybe even jail time -- he could have faced 30 days in jail or $250, so he let it go.

That seems like a blatant violation of the 1st Amendment. Moreover, Contempt? The guy wasn't even in court or under oath. He wrote it on a check. The judge is an idiot and an asshole, what would he have done if the guy had sent a separate letter of protest along with his check. It's clearly political speech. That judge should be lynched (ok, but shouldn't he have to undergo somekind of sensitivity training). Even if his order could legally be upheld, his failure to let it go makes him a bad person.

Also, the guy is absolutely correct. The way that traffic and parking laws are designed and implemented make little sense if the point is safety or convenience. They make a ton of sense if you believe, as I do, that their primary purpose is to generate revenue.

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Blogger The Management said...

I remember the first time I saw a car "boot," those big ass steel things they put on tires. I noticed the boot 'cause I was stuck in traffic not going anywhere. To the left of me was a lane that I could have been using, but instead there was a guy sitting in his car going nowhere 'cause of a boot.

Now if fines were not the point of these tickets, why "boot" a car virtually assuring that the lane will be blocked instead of towing...

Govn't needs a good swift kick in the pants.


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