Tuesday, July 11, 2006

A "Hate" Crime? They're Serious

Hate crimes are a stupid concept in any event. (If someone hits me with a brick, I couldn't care less if they're calling me "whitey" at the time).

But check out this "hate" crime. The prosecutor should be fired - because he or she is and idiot and a jerk.

SOUTHBOROUGH -- Two of the three Southborough teens who allegedly smashed up the Police Department's radar board this weekend are being charged with a hate crime, according to police.
About 1 a.m. Saturday, three 16-year-olds -- two boys and a girl -- went on a vandalism spree on Richards Road, according to police.
The boys took an ax to the $13,000 solar-powered radar board, which displays passing motorists' speeds, Police Chief William Webber said yesterday. The two are facing charges of malicious destruction of property over $250 and a hate crime, Webber said.
The hate crime charge stems from writing on the ax that the teens used to destroy the radar board, he said.
"The ax had some writing on it, directing it at certain people," the chief said. The writing was "of a racial and gender (specific) nature," he said.
Sooooo, they just smashed up a radar machine, which To The People's Baylen Linniken hilariously comments - "Regardless, I'm more interested in how small-town cops can justify spending $13,000 on a machine that exists only to re-iterate to drivers pretty much what their own speedometers are telling them anyway." (Also, I stole this link from them).

That's a misapplication of hate crime laws anyway. Wait, unless the radar machine was illegally only telling African American drivers that they weren't speeding. Damn profiling radar machines.

Kid Handsome


Blogger Chowda said...

There is something appealing to me about blowing past one of those speed machines at 80 or 90. Yikes...hope they didn't have a camera.

4:09 PM  
Blogger The Management said...

Chowda, just don't do it with "hateful" thoughts in your mind (or on your car).


3:48 PM  

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