Monday, August 28, 2006

I don't understand this one

I don't care if he did it a million times. You don't have a right to not be offended.

Police have charged a 14-year-old boy with that crime. Michael Loughner is accused of meowing whenever he sees his 78-year-old neighbor, Alexandria Carasia.The boy's family got rid of their cat after Carasia complained that it was using her flower garden as a litter box. Now, she said, the boy makes meowing sounds every time he sees her. He said he's only meowed at her twice."I've had to put up with this for three years," Carasia said. "As I walk by, I see Michael and his mother. He got on the porch and hid behind the bamboo screen and starts meowing. If I don't make this stop now, they're going to keep doing this to me. I shouldn't have to worry about walking out of the house and being harassed by this young kid."
If you don't want your neighbors to hate you, don't be an idiot. Heck, even if you're right, and they're wrong, people are allowed to talk to you (not yell at or assault) and just because you don't like what they're saying, does not mean you get to have them arrested.

"As she walked in front of the house, nothing was said," the boy's mother, Sally Loughner, told the court. "He stepped off the porch to make sure the dog didn't get out. As he reached down and got the dog, he said, 'Meow.' ... She said, 'Do you want me to call the cops again?' I said, 'Go ahead, he hasn't done anything wrong.'"There is a history of disputes between the neighbors, according to the paper.Sally Loughner told the court that she ended up sending her cat to live with family members so that she could "keep peace in the neighborhood."Defense attorney David Martin Jr. asked that the case be dropped." This should never have been filed," Martin said. "This is not something that police should be wasting their time with or wasting the court's time." The judge heard from both parties Tuesday. He decided to wait 90 days before ruling, saying he'll decide what to do after seeing how the boy and his neighbor get along in the meantime.
The prosecutor in this case should be sanctioned. The judge in this case should be terminated/recalled and educated in the 1st Amendment. His responsibility is to enforce the law. It is not to maintain peace and good relations in the neighborhood.

Someone please kick this judge's figurative ass. He's an idiot, and a 90 day waiting period isn't going to give him the authority to circumvent the Constitution.

Kid H.


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