Monday, November 20, 2006

Food Poisoning...

.. there are many things I SHOULD be doing... Instead I'm re-reading ALL of Bad News Hughes. I started and can't stop. The man truly is a talented writer (plus he is a drunken redneck, and you really can't beat that).

The link above isn't anywhere near one of my favorite posts, but it does clearly show his talent as a story teller. As with most his stories, it feels almost rambling, one disjointed idea after another. However, by the end, he ties up all the lost threads into a perfect little knot.

If you haven't read Bad News Hughes, give this story a read. If anything else some of his insights into veganism is a hoot!



Blogger Linda said...

That was hilarious.

As a vegetarian, I can honestly say, I have never used meat eating meat or meat juices as an excuse for food poisoning. I can actually eat any meat, except for beef without an issue. I'll have to admit though, I am not one of those vegetarians that gets up on a high horse about things (my other half is different than me, though). Before I comepletely switched to not eating meat (I still eat seafood on occasion), I used to eat a hamburger or steak about once a month or so, but every time I did, I would end up sick, so I thought maybe it was an allergy or something, so I went to the doctor. He explained that I either had to eat red meat more frequently or not eat it at all, because my body had stopped producing the enzymes to break red meat down. So when I ate the meat, my body was like, "What the hell do I do with this??"

I have had food poisoning once in my life. I was a teenager and ate a tainted veal parmesean TV dinner. It was the sickest that I have ever felt. I am one of those people who never barfs, unless I have drank too much (which I know you have witnessed first-hand). Needless to say, I would never want that back and have not touched veal of any sort since then.

I had to laugh at the noise talk in what he wrote. During one semester of college, I sort of befriended this guy who loved that sort of thing. Two guys that I can remember him talking about were John Zorn and Mike Patton (formerly of Faith No More and Mr. Bungle), so I have had just a smidge of experience with this genre. It is very strange.

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