Monday, November 06, 2006

Of freedom of speech..

This past weekend a very lovely young lady asked me to go with her to her cousin’s wedding just outside of Philadelphia. We both left from work on Friday and headed north. I had a really good time all weekend. The wedding was very enjoyable, my date was gorgeous, and no one died or went to jail. A complete success.

Saturday and Sunday were booked, but luckily my schedule allowed the opportunity Friday to spend the night at the home of one of my best friends. “Issss”.

Isss (you can spell it with as many or as few “s’s” as you wish) and I went to college together and both majored in political science. Iss went on to Grad school continuing his political education and worked on the Hill for several years as a lobbyist before eventually returning home to the family business. This is important to know only to establish that Isss KNOWS Politics.

While my attention and interest to politics (often directly proportional to my level of disgust) waxes and wanes, Iss is up on politics not only locally in his neck of the woods but also around the nation. My friend was pissed and felt he needed to vocalize his feelings. Spending a very non-trivial amount of money, Isss had printed 50 signs saying….

“More Lawyers. Less Doctors. – Vote Democrat”


“Support the Lazy – Vote Democrat”

Simple, maybe. Funny yes. Honest, more than most would like to admit.

I’ll have photos up when I can get them. Sure it was bumper sticker politics, but it felt good.

In an evening of political chaos, not since the days of the rogue Dole / Kemp mini van crashing the Westminster parade, or the evening fund Raiser at Boss Bulls house for John McCain has the likes of which been seen. We went out into the darkness exercising our Constitutional right and our cultural heritage! The only way I could have felt more patriotic is if we were dressed as Indians and chucked something into the Delaware River. (BTW, believe it or not, McCain Feingold doesn’t apply to us either!)

Basically we put up the signs.

It took a couple hours. However, in the end I remembered how much I enjoyed thinking about the issues we all face. How much I really do care about the direction this country is going. How much I really want the world to be a better place.

Friday ended with beers and Empire Strikes back on TV. Couldn’t get much better than that. Saturday on the way to the wedding I was full of pride every time I road past one of Issss’s signs challenging other peoples opinions.


UPDATE: It seems the left is as
morally bankrupt as they are intellectually. While we only added signs, members the left REMOVED and destroyed some of our signs to put up the uber original "No blood for Oil" message. Way to go losers! Nothing like having a free marketplace of ideas!

If you would like your own copies of the signs you can get them here...

Sign 1
Sign 2


Anonymous Anonymous said...


You are a God.


12:17 PM  
Blogger Linda said...

You know how much our politics differ, but I do respect that you at least will talk politics with some intelligence. I am discusted, as usual, with both major parties and went out of my way to vote independent. Where I live, there is a total republician strangle-hold, so unfortunately there were some offices on the county level, where I did end up voting democrat, but it was more of a protest vote than anything else. Unfortunately, I hate the politics where I live.

I also ended up doing an absentee ballot, apparently about 6,000 people in my county did.

Anyway, whatever the outcome, I hope that everybody gets out and votes today!!!

12:31 PM  

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