Monday, October 30, 2006

Forfeiture laws prove the Government Hates Us.

Here is a post from Nobody's business - linked above. Follow the links and you'll see that Van Bakel is right when he says:

Forfeiture laws were written to prevent Porsche-collecting, mansion-dwelling proven drug dealers from keeping the material profits of their trade. Witness how far we've strayed from that idea: Not only has Gerald Trapp Jr. not been tried in court, much less found guilty; he's not even thought to have been dealing in drugs — he's a first-time offender charged with nothing more than possession. Of a prescription drug. On top of that, the confiscated property doesn't belong to him. The whole thing is a brazen rape of the Fourth Amendment, a mind-boggling abuse of police powers. Just like this case.
Yep. What he said. Also, I think it's time to pass my amendment that prevents law enforcement from "profitting" from the enforcement of the law. None of the revenue Police officers generate should go to their departments.


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