Friday, June 04, 2010

The Agitator with more on the Maryland Wiretapping Case

The Agitator, who is the best in the business at uncovering and writing about these matters, provides more on the Maryland Case wherein Anthony Graber was arrested for posting video and audio of his arrest on YouTube.

The best part is here:
The issue is important not just in order to keep law enforcement transparent and accountable, but in that it raises fundamental questions about the nature of individual rights in a free society. The way Marylandofficials are interpreting the state’s wiretapping law, government agents—in this case on-duty cops— have privacy rights in public spaces that ordinary citizens don’t. But state employees acting as state employees don’t have rights. Citizens have rights. Governments and their employees have powers, and only to the extent that those powers have been delegated to them by the people they’re governing.
True dat. (My version of Glenn Reynolds' "indeed")


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i just agree on this. and i do think that the people who put them to position also have rights equal to them.

8:59 PM  
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